Volkswagen Cars

Vento - Safety

Safety features are designed and developed to ensure that while you’re driving the Vento, you drive it with assured pleasure. With its robust design and superior engineering that has its genesis in an ultra high-strength steel frame, the Vento offers exceptional safety with a tough build that is reassuring, every time you feel the heft of the doors and the thump of its boot closing.


The front airbags for the driver and passenger provides occupant protection for a safer journey.


Should the worst come to the worst, every Vento is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that ensures the car remains maneuverable and in control at all times.

Anti-theft alarm systemAnti-theft alarm system

The Vento is sheer beauty to look at, but some people just have to be kept far away. The anti-theft alarm system with electronic immobiliser offers an optimum level of protection against vehicle theft.

Indicator lampsIndicator lamps

When everyone thought nothing could be done to improve the headlights, we thought otherwise. We put indicator lamps in them. The elegantly designed headlights with chrome on the front grille will reinstate your belief in the words, “Love at first sight”.

Fog lampsFog lamps

The fog lamps have static cornering function which lights up when the indicators are turned on or the car turns at a low speed.

Anti-pinch protection windowsAnti-pinch protection windows

Anti-pinch protection windows protect you, in case you are resting along the seam. They are also an important safety system as they prevent the windows from closing in even by the slightest obstruction of the hand.

3-point seat belt3-point seat belt

The height-adjustable 3-point front & rear seat belt, and lap belt for rear middle occupant provide you and your co-passengers with utmost comfort.


The immobiliser is an electronic anti-theft device. It is activated when the ignition key is removed and works in tandem with the engine control unit to prevent unauthorised starting of the engine as far as is possible.